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Last updated Mar 13, 2024

# Overview

Alucinara, also known as ‘Magic,’ is a deity that allows the first laws of nature to act in place of the second. It lacks a physical form, manifesting as a form of energy, which is commonly stored within the element of Alucinarium.

# Appearance

Alucinarium appears as a crystalline element with a deep, purple colour that shimmers bright orange.

Alucinarium crystals follow a heptahedral form, often exhibiting the shape of an elongated triangular pyramid with a thin base and wide head. These crystals are often accompanied by purple alucinarium gas-clouds and orange sparks, in which cloud gnats are common to see.

# Purpose

The purpose of Alucinara is to allow the first laws of nature, that existed before the shattering, to act in place of the second laws, that were created by the second judge upon its death.

In the presence of Alucinara Energy, reality begins to be acted upon not by Truth, but rather Alucinara. This results in effects such as the nullification of gravity, the ability for souls to influence the physical world through thought, and enchantments or curses to be made in the presence of symbols.