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Naíruan Extinction Event

Last updated Oct 1, 2023

# Overview

The Naíruan Extinction Event began to take place when the Móra riSéwi Minikin brought the curse of hollowness to the city of Naíru. It was one of the first Extinction Events in recorded history, although there has been evidence of dozens more, as seen in sediment layers.

# Deaths

It resulted in the deaths of thousands of Minikin, mostly Oyhóliru minikin, Foreign slaves in Naíru, and Móra riSéwi minikin. Notable deaths are Grasscap, the Móra riSéwi leader, and Mooncloud, the co-regnant ruler of Naíru with her sister.

# Ending

The extinction event ended once the plague caused by the curse of hollowness had died out, mostly with the help of the Petrified Child, which created a Baby Meadow in the heart of Naíru, indirectly causing the deaths of many infected.

Another help was the extermination of the infected, as seen when the Móra riSéwi threw infected into the sea as they migrated southwest, and the Oyhóliru minikin burnt the infected. The last victim of the plague died around 150 years following its beginning.

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