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Last updated Sep 18, 2023

# The Oyhólıru Minikin

The Oyhólıru ( Proto-Naíruan: ‘People,’ *o-yhólıru) minikin were a tribe native to the Naíruan Peninsula and surrounding area, and were well known for their societal and industrial efficiency.

They were one of the first tribes to crack the code of agriculture, settling down and building the first permanent settlements in the 2nd Realm once sowing and harvesting had a greater net reward in comparison to foraging.

# Government

Oyhólıru government was headed by matriarchal queen, where power was divested matrilineally. The queen could reign alone, but twins were given power equally due to their sharing of a soul and will.

The queen would give a lot of power to her nobles, people in power who would collect taxes and rule over cities, districts of, among other allotments of land according to their own level of (limited) autonomy.

# Notable Settlements