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Last updated Sep 18, 2023

# Overview

Naíru ( Proto-Nairuan: ‘The Farm,’ *na-ïru), was one of the greatest city-states of the Oyhólıru. It was situated on the western shore of the Naíruan Peninsula, just above the equator on the Natswh’kara river.

In the midst of the river’s basin, the city was instrumental in the development of agriculture, due to the seasonal floods that the river would experience, enriching and fertilising the soil and making it a prime area for farming.

Naíru was known for its markets and farms, with tents strung up on the floor around the perimeter of tree trunks, shelters built out of twigs and leaves into the crotches of trees, and wide far-spanning farms of berries and herbs along the shore of the Natswh’kara.