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Heirarchy of Beings

Last updated Sep 18, 2023

# Overview

In this note, I will be describing the cosmological heirarchy of beings, according to the creation story linked below. It goes, in order from highest to lowest, through the more powerful and important beings in reality.

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# Events

In the new realms, things began to settle. The threat of further shattering decreased to zero, and stars began to flare once more into eternal brightness. New things began to be created, as well, things that were impossible under the old laws.

# Planets

For example, planets formed into largely static mounds of dust and minerals. Given enough tar were present in one, and given enough Alucinara was nearby, a soul could be formed within. One such soul was Qerhel, who resided within the planet of the same name, within the 2nd Realm.

# Mountains and Oceans

In addition, a soul could divide and its new children could take a smaller, more specified, element of their parent as a host. The two elements that a child could take a hold of were the land and sea, each child soul residing within one or more mountains or oceans.

# Biomes

Further division could occur, and the ways for a soul to manifest became larger. An ocean soul could divide into a coral reef, an abyss, or a kelp forest. Likewise, a mountain soul could divide into a land forest, a desert, or another biome. In some cases, a mountain soul could even divide into a creature capable of movement.

# Higher-Order Creatures

For example, a creature formed from a mountain is The Petrified Child, which is made of a large, floating, alucinarium geode. It is externally visible as a rock with the face of a child, and became revered as a deity in many minikin cultures.

Creatures formed from mountains are known as higher-order creatures, to distinguish them from lower-order creatures such as animals and nonliving phenomena such as cloud gnats.

# Lower-Order Creatures

Lower order creatures, formed from the biomes, are animals such as ruminants, birds, reptiles, or minikin, et cetera. They are the most common of the souls, as they are able to create new physical bodies with the process of reproduction; this is a very effective stategy, due to the short lifespans of their physical bodies and likelyhood of disability compared to other souls.

Some lower-order creatures can live for very long, however, especially when aided with the help of Alucinara. Some even make use of Alucinara with help of the fortuitary gland, although this is rare in the 0th and nearby realms.

Humans are the most common creature in the 0th realm, Demi-Slugs the most common in the 1st, Dragons the most common in the -1st, Minikin the most common in the 2nd, Quartz Mice the most common in the -2nd, Botanists the most common in the 3rd, and Wormwolves the most common in the -3rd.

# Nonliving Phenomena

Nonliving phenomena are the result of Alucinara interacting with matter without the presence of a soul. When Alucinara is used in a soul, the patterns that come with being an animal are drilled into the energy like muscle memory, leading to the Pseudo Fauna Principle.

When Alucinara interacts with nonliving matter with the principle in effect, it will cause the matter to act as if it were an animal, attempting to fight, eat, and drink, all with no benefit. Some nonliving phenomena are commonplace, such as cloud gnats, watchstones, or sky islands.