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The Sarvaran Calendar

Last updated Sep 18, 2023

# Overview

The Sarvaran Calendar is a calendar created by the Sarvaran minikin. Year 0 took place on the founding of the city, years before the founding are referred to with the acronym ‘BS,’ meaning ‘Before Sarvara.’ Years after the founding are referred to with ‘AS,’ ‘After Sarvara.’ The Acronym can be prefixed with ‘Cs,’ ‘My,’ and ‘By’ for ‘Centuries before / after,’ ‘Million Years before / after,’ Billion Years before / after,’ and so on.

# Structure

The Sarvaran Calendar is a lunar calendar, following the cycle of the main moon of Qerelh from the 2nd Realm.

# Years and Months

The Sarvaran calendar has 306 days made of 8 months, each of 36 days. As the seasons repeat every 252 days, a 9th month is inserted every two years to align the year with the seasons, with winter and Minikin hibernation ending on the first day of every other year. The months are named after the same namesakes as the weekdays, but the 9th month is known simply as the ‘Extra Month.’

# Weeks

The Sarvaran calendar has 8 days of the week, most named from the Heirarchy of Beings, which are;

  1. Day One; the day of The Darkness, Darksday,
  2. Day Two; the day of the Planets, Earthsday,
  3. Day Three; the day of the Mountains, Hillsday,
  4. Day Four; the day of the Oceans, Seasday,
  5. Day Five; the day of the Deities, Idolsday,
  6. Day Six; the day of the Valley, Valleysday,
  7. Day Seven; the day of the Plants, Plantsday, and
  8. Day Eight; the day of the Animals, Beastsday.

On each day, worship is directed at which phenomenon the weekday is named after. Many hymns are sung on each day, and are illegal to sing on the wrong day.