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Book Plan

Last updated Mar 13, 2024

%% What are the significant features which make this relevant to the plot? What patterns are there when it comes to description and properties? What does it look like, what is its relevance, and what is it used for? %%

# Structure

This chapter focuses on Blueberry. It begins when blueberry wakes up in the 0th realm and meets toadstool, and ends after blueberry gets taken to Amanitaville.


Chapter 2 is a flashback and focuses on Blueberry as well, beginning with Blueberry being triggered to cause his crime, him getting ostracised, and ends with him being thrown into a magic chasm, setting up his motivation that he wants to make a name for himself.


Chapter 3 focuses on Toadstool, beginning with him settling Blueberry into his home, Blueberry getting overwhelmed by culture shock, and ending with Blueberry fleeing to Lichenia in the 0th realm, setting up his motivation to rid the world of evil magic.


Chapter 4 is a flashback and focuses on Toadstool. It begins with Toadstool’s foray into banditry, his parent’s disapproval, and ends with his sibling being tragically killed after being inspired to join the bandits as well, setting up toadstool’s motivation to show that he’s a good person and not a killer, someone who can stop evil like that from ever happening again.


Chapter 5 is told from a new character’s perspective, Riverbell. It begins with blueberry’s entry into Lichenia, her city, fast-forwards to when Toadstool eventually arrives to convince blueberry to return, and ends with the group being transported to the -3rd realm after an argument.


Chapter 6 is a flashback from the perspective of Mossrot, Riverbell’s father. It begins with his descent into madness and thirst for eternal life, and ends with the murder of his wife, Riverblossom, and his subsequent partial Phantasmarrhoea and essential shift into the -3rd Realm.


Poem 4 is a poem in trochaic tetrameter, reflecting on the fragility of life and the cruelty of the world.

# ‘We, The Blight’

O my friends, who are so fragile, who made us for worlds like this one?

*There is no conclusion made here, none at all, that have much meaning. For it’s vain to say whoever made us made us right, for good and greatness.

*We are right to say we’re broken, made to break, to end our hunger. Hunger does destroy this nature, nature made for beauty only.

We, the blight, we greed and hunger, mould we are, and mould we will too. But we aren’t to blame for all this. We are fruit of shattered, flawed worlds.

Chapter 7 is from the perspective of the group. It begins with the group finding Mossrot’s primitive shack in the purple mist, them sitting down with him and having a discussion despite his insane ramblings, setting up Riverbell’s motivation to make sure the petrified child could stop people from ending up like him, Mossrot gives the group a map to the temple he found on a walk around the ruins and the chapter ends with Blueberry and Toadstool reconciling, returning to their homes once his alucinarium reserve is great enough.


Chapter 8 is a flashback from the perspective of the petrified child. It begins with the Head Oligarch of the Empire of the Petrified Child receiving a vision in the main temple in the 2nd Realm, the Morellic Temple. She sees the Petrified Child in her empire’s grasp, and the world changing unrecognisably. It continues with the empire’s scheme to capture it in the -3rd Realm, and ends with the empire falling to an evil entity once the deity has been imprisoned.


Chapter 9 focuses on the group. It begins with toadstool reconvening with blueberry, and Riverbell by extention. the chapter skips a lot over time showing three conversations in three ‘parts’, the third being the conversation where they decide to return to the -3rd realm. Riverbell wants to get her dad back, toadstool wants to find precious materials to sell off, and all three want to release the petrified child for their own motivations. The chapter ends will the group entering the alucinara gateway into the -3rd Realm wilderness.


Poem 6 is a poem, written in Iambic Tetrameter, with a rhyming scheme of AA BABA. It focusses on the way that alucinarium affects life, and how the world is twisted.

# ‘Every Force of Nature’

So, ev’ry force of nature show’d
the shatter’d ways the crystal glow’d.

A gemstone fit to lose our minds,
that let us know such things remote;
the broken ways the aura binds
the empty days that time had wrote.

This world was made to counter-plot,
now earth’s inventions wait to rot.

In tangled vines the world calls out,
through all the cracks it promptly got
from days or years as shards about,
and now all order earth forgot.

And ev’ry force of nature show’d
the shatter’d ways the crystal glow’d.

Chapter 10 begins with the group entering the -3rd realm, and come to Mossrot’s shack, but the man is erratic and tries to kill Toadstool and Blueberry after some tension building, the groups flees to the temple, following Mossrot’s map, and Toadstool begins to pick up precious objects from the ground, as the ruins grow bigger. The chapter ends when the group comes across the temple of the petrified child.

Chapter 11 begins with the group walking into the temple. The temple appears pristine from the outside, but the inside is overgrown due to the Petrified Child’s interference. The group comes across a large gateway leading to the atrium - the petrified child’s face is slotted into the wall and the face of the god watches over the hall of long dead worshippers. Throughout the chapter, the characters face puzzles that are symbolic of their own journeys. The chapter ends once the group comes across the petrified child’s chamber.