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Last updated Feb 26, 2023

Alucinara is a Spacial-Temporal phenomenon caused by the element Alucinarium. It can be analysed as a phenomenon similar to electromagnetic waves, affecting reality with what it comes into contact with, but Alucinara is better analysed as a ‘portion’ of spacetime rather than a concrete and physical material.

Alucinara causes seemingly spontaneous shifts in energy, such as thermal, electromagnetic, or kinetic. Thus, it can cause changes in movement, temperature, and light intensity.

# Effect on Biology

# Animals

Many species take advantage of Alucinara in order to fly, cook food, and stun aggressors.

# Culture

Many cultures associate Alucinara with their deities. A commonality in Minikin culture is that Alucinara is the physical manifestation of their gods’ divinity and influence on reality.

However, some cultures may abstain from Alucinara, such as the Morellic Afortuitites.