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Last updated Jan 20, 2024

# Overview

Alucinara is a form of energy created by the First Judge that allows the First Laws of Nature to act in place of the Second Laws. It creates a variety of effects, known as enchantments, charms, or curses, and is instrumental in the existence of the Soul.

It can be absorbed by by Alucinarium to store it, by water to nullify its effect, and by hydrocarbons to create the Soul1.

# Appearance

Alucinara itself is accompanied by the creation of short-lived orange orbs and sparks nearby. Although it is colourless itself, it often appears as a purple aura - this is due to the purple-shifting of light that passes through its energy fields.

Alucinarium, the mineral in which the energy is stored, appears semi-translucent, dark purple, and shines orange, easily cleaving off into dust. Due to the Alucinara that is stored and emitted from the mineral, it is often accompanied by the orbs, sparks, and purple aura.


# Effects

Alucinara causes effects such as;

# Influence on Biology

Alucinara’s effect on biology is characterised by growth of unhealthy crystals on the body, extension of an organisms lifetime, and utilisation of the unnatural properties of the energy.

Utilisation of Alucinara has been convergently evolved numerous times in the history of biology, with its basis in the development of the ‘Fortuitary Gland’ - a gland dedicated to the regulation of alucinarium purity and content in the blood. It often aids the capability of Alucinara use;

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