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Baby Meadow

Last updated Feb 26, 2023

Baby Meadows are a geographic phenomena characterised by increased illness, plant growth, and ecosystemic prosperity. They are created by the disintegration of beings into fertile sludge by the Petrified Child.

Often, the bones of these creatures are left un-disintegrated, and remain among the meadows that grow upon the fertile areas.

# Effect on Life

While this fertile sludge positively effects life, allowing plants and animals to prosper due to the high concentration of nutrients, bacteria among other pathogens are also drawn to baby meadows.

Contact with the sludge commonly results in illness or death in animals, while the plants that commonly grow in baby meadows are predisposed to filter out and attack pathogens.

Often, the first animals to inhabit baby meadows are arboreal creatures with an aversion to touching the ground, until the fertile sludge is entirely absorbed by the nearby plantlife and the risk is lost in favour of lush meadows among the bones of the long-lost being now destroyed by the Petrified Child