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Last updated Mar 13, 2024

# Overview

Enchantment is the term given to the presence of the First Laws in a being or item’s behaviour. This means that if a being or object is enchanted, it will act strangely, in predictable or unpredictable ways depending on the specific enchantment.

# Charms and Curses

Different enchantments are divided into two categories, charms and curses. Charms are named for their beneficial effects, and Curses are named for their detrimental effects.

# Example: Levitation

Levitation, for instance, is often termed a charm. This is because levitation provides a convenient effect.

For example, it allows for the presence of floating stepping stones to connect arboreal walkways, or airships which can carry passengers. In these cases, levitation would be called the Charm of Levitation.

Levitation can also be termed a curse, especially when it is employed on another living being. Levitation can allow one to fly, but it can also allow one to cause another to float against their will. In this case, levitation would be called the Curse of Levitation.

# Method

Enchantments can be cast through a variety of means. One method is through Symbols, designs traced into alucinara-rich surfaces to create a specific effect. Another, more common, method is through spell-casting.

# Symbols

Using symbols, one can cast a long-lived enchantment. Symbols can enforce enchantments for days on end, until the surface they are traced into runs out of alucinarium.

For example, the design of a raindrop (or other wet thing) can be traced into a tree nearby a farm, and this would enforce the Charm of Rain, meaning that crops could be watered during a drought or famine.

# Spell-casting

Using the casting of spells can create more short-lived fleeting enchantments, which only continue for as long as the sorcerer wants them to, or until their Alucinara reserve depletes.

For example, a sorcerer could outstretch their hand and force pebbles to fly at high speeds toward an aggressor, causing a short-lived expression of the Charm of Acceleration, a charm used to move objects (similar to the Charm of Levitation).