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Fortuitary Gland

Last updated Mar 13, 2024

# Overview

Fortuitary glands are glands dedicated to the secretion of Alucinarium, and are integral to the use of Alucinara in biological processes or tools.

In Minikin, they are small, two of them situated underneath the eyes, behind the back of the throat. When given an electrical impulse, they secrete Alucinarium into the bloodstream and saliva, which can then be converted into Alucinara energy and used for spell-casting.

It is often secreted when under stress, as a way of making sure the Alucinara reserve (amount of Alucinarium stored in the blood) is topped up before a confrontation.

# Magic Saliva

In minikin, it can be secreted into the saliva, which is spat out onto an object to increase its Alucinarium content. This increases the effectiveness of Symbols which can be used to charm and curse objects.