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Pebble Spires

Last updated Mar 13, 2024

# Overview

Pebble Spires are a phenomenon caused when rocks interact with Alucinara. They are largely benign, but can pose danger when toppled. They are relatively rare, but can appear on riverbanks and shores in areas of high alucinarium concentration.

# Formation

When a pebble is exposed to enough Alucinara to be compelled to shift frequency, but not enough to swap realms, they will form into a pebble spire. They will stack atop one another in an attempt to physically reach the next realm over, despite the fact that this is impossible without an Alucinara gateway, and can reach great lengths given enough time.

# Danger

Pebble Spires can pose a threat when they are toppled, as the pebbles suspended at great altitudes can fall to the floor and potentially hurt anyone underneath.