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Last updated Mar 13, 2024

# Overview

Symbols are shapes or images through which alucinara energy can be channeled for a specific effect. This is achieved as symbols emulate the beauty of the world pre-shattering.

# Appearance

Symbols can vary in appearance depending on the desired effect, but are often etched into stone, wood, dirt, sand, and flesh. Common symbols have a design similar to eyes, rain, seedlings, or a brain.

# Uses

They are commonly used to enchant a living being or object with increased health, knowledge, rain, fertility, and for the Petrified Child to be able to see through them.

In addition, they can also be used to curse a living being or object. A symbol of a skull may result in premature death, and a symbol of a broken bone may result in injury.

# Examples

Watchstones are a phenomenon closely connected to symbols. They are pieces of rock with eye symbols etched into them; through their physical appearance they have the ability to walk and be seen through by the Petrified Child.

Furthermore, it can be argued that the physical deities are symbols themselves, and their worldly power is derived from the alucinara energy that is channeled through their physical forms.