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Aurűk Religion

Last updated Mar 9, 2024

# Deities

The Aurűk’s primary deity was the Petrified Child; a figure they termed Stéyą. They venerated many other minor deities, all who represented the elements of the world that could be influenced by symbols.

# Creation Story

They believed that the world was created by a celestial squirrel known as the Sun (Skúryų), who planted an acorn into the sky, which grew into the tree known as the world (Kwérel). The stars are other acorns yet to have grown.

The first woman (Améiv) and first man (Dróugą) were the first fruit of Kwérel. Dróugą was the first to fall to the ground, and would have rotted if it weren’t for the aid of Améiv who fell shortly after. It is because of Améiv’s aid that women are held as matriarchs.

Améiv and Dróugą then procured the Minikin of the world, who eat of Kwérel’s leaves that are plants, and live alongside the creepy crawlies upon the tree, which are the creatures of the world.

It is said that the enemies of the Aurűk, the ancient Sénna for example, are the rotten fruit of the tree that perform Evil; The stone upon which Kwérel is set is said to have become the Petrified Child to punish the rotten fruit for eternity.