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Morellic Religion

Last updated Feb 26, 2023

Gods, to 2nd Realm people, are highly subjective beings whose forms, motivations, and actions alter from which people group you ask. However, every belief system in the 2nd Realm and seldom scattered across others, can be traced to 1 origin, with enough research.

Every one of these systems tend to have things in common. For example, the world was created by a thing, a man, a plant, from a pool, a tar pit, or from space itself.

# Heirarchy of Deities

Lesser gods than the Creator were created from the continents and the seas, their sons and daughters from the mountains and the valleys, and their sons and daughters from the stone and the gems that compose them.

Carbon allowed them to move, and Alucinarium allowed them to think. As well, a melange of other chemicals and compounds allowed their kinds to distinguish themselves from their brothers and sisters, to change in form and mind from their compatriots.

# The Sons and Daughters of Stone

Some species of the sons and daughters of stone have many diverging forms, given their common ancestors.

A kind was created to be still, to live their days anchored to their ancestors - to gain life from the burning lights in the sky and the milk of the ground. Another kind, a cowardly kind, was created to move, to roam the landscape and gain life from the nourishing milk of the ground but not from the burning lights in the sky. And a courageous kind was created to gain life from the cowardly kind. They would scream and howl at the heavens that they may gain life from the burning lights, but they were resigned to eat of the cowards and the still kind among them.

# Sapient Life

Many kinds were made to know. Originally, all kinds knew nothing - only to eat, to gain life. But time is unforgiving, static facts of reality mean that life and nature is warped beyond recognition by the inherent gasses and crystals and minerals that the kind that knew called ‘Alucinara.’

It warped them from unthinking kinds that eat of the still beings, into thinking kinds that eat of what they wish. They were unrestricted by the rules of being as they developed further into sapient forms.

They continued and still continue, living atop the still kind, they eat of the milk of the ground but scream and howl to each other to speak their thoughts, to convey orders, emotions, and events through sound.

# Minikin

Eventually, one thinking kind grew to understand itself, what it was and what it wasn’t - it would call itself ‘Minikin.’ Seeing their unthinking ancestors as divine, they developed a worship for them, and their ancestors they termed ‘ Squirrels.’

Minikin retained many features of their unthinking ancestors. Similarly, they lived atop the still kind, which they called ‘Trees,’ and ate of the trees’ brothers and sisters, all which they termed ‘ Plants.’

# Creation of the Universe

# The Creator

Before all else that took place, reality was one - a vast sea of the almost nothing that turned into everything eventually - and a perfect being existed. It explored every land, every mountain, every valley, every river, and eventually every sea and every inch of the abyss after it flowed to shore from where it started.

Following ten-thousand lifetimes and generations and cycles of everything that had been done before, the perfect being broke from the repetition, maybe for the first time, maybe for the last, maybe for the 2nd or maybe for the 100th time, and stood at the shore of a vast tar pit that bubbled in anguish and screamed in pain, waiting to be more than itself.

# Origin of the Realms

The perfect being knew what to do. Seeing the bubbles as suitable containers for people and their land, it formed a world within each bubble, each one that turned and ticked according to different but similar laws.

# The Origin of Alucinara

Knowing it had done all that needed to be done in its own world, the perfect being entered the tar pit, and incorporated itself into the inherent makeup of the tar, and allowed the worlds to prosper according to their own rules.

The perfect being became what would later be known as ‘Alucinara.’

# Alucinara

Alucinara manifested itself in every realm as gasses and crystals and minerals, an element that would become the burning lights in the sky under conditions that fit. However, other portions of Alucinara rested as dark solid quartz, sparkling dust-clouds, and in the dark tar that formed the borders of each world.

# Alucinara as Magic

The Minikin grew to take advantage of the Alucinara, owed to the fact that the substance gathers in the bodies of all kinds that exist around it. All contained it within an organ of theirs, but the Minikin would use it to make fire, to fly, to live, to kill, to move across the realms, and to do everything they wished.