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Last updated Sep 18, 2023

%% What are the significant features which make this relevant to the plot? What patterns are there when it comes to description and properties? What does it look like, what is its relevance, and what is it used for? %%

# Overview

Dragons, native to the 2nd Realm, are a small amphibian species capable of flight. They are characterised by their 6 limbs and their ability to breathe fire as a defence mechanism, and serve as a food for many minikin cultures.

# Life Cycle

# Egg Phase

Dragon eggs are commonly laid in the dawn of spring, due to the presence of ponds and puddles which dry up by summer. The eggs have the appearance of frogspawn, only featuring a sticky membrane on the outside to serve as protection and to latch onto the undersides of pond leaves.

# Nymph Phase

Dragon nymphs are very small aquatic creatures. They largely feed on plankton, algae, and small organisms, and inhabit the pond in which they were born until they reach adulthood.

# Adult Phase