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Last updated Feb 26, 2023

Minikin are the sapient descendents of 0th Realm squirrels; they reside in the forests, mountains, and steppes of the 2nd Realm. They are prey animals, similar to Demi-Slugs, and are hunted by Birds of Prey, Weasels, and Pine Martens.

# Cultures

# Lifespan

The average Minikin lifespan is 30 years, and they reach maturity at 8-12 years of age.

However, the Minikin lifespan can be lengthened through Alucinarium exposure.

# Morphology

# Height

When Minikin are born, they are often 2.5cm to 7.5cm in height.

At maturity, they often reach a height of 20cm to 30cm.

# Eyes

Minikin eyes are on the front of their head and feature long, bristly eyelashes.

The colour of the Minikin iris can vary. Common iris colours are maroon, brown, green, and dark mauve.

In addition, the colours of minikin sclerae are almost always white, but can also be light pink due to Alucinarium exposure.

# Hair

Minikin exhibit hair only on their heads, chins, tails, and pubic areas. They also feature whiskers on their top lips.

However, as infants, they feature hair all over their bodies except for their fingers, toes, and face. After the first year, all of this hair is lost.

Minikin hair colour can express itself as brown, beige, grey, ginger, or white.