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Last updated Mar 13, 2024

# Overview

Freakleaf is the name given to a plant native to the 1st Realm. It is nonpoisonous and has yellow leaves which are fermented, dried, ground into a powder, and dissolved in water.

Following the fermentation process, the leaves become poisonous to many animals, but are consumed by many Minikin populations in a tea socially or recreationally for their slight intoxicative effects.

# Appearance

Freakleaf trees themselves feature purple wood, with blue and green highlights.

# Intoxicative Effects

The effects of Freakleaf tea are characterised by slight hallucination, vivid sight, slurring of speech, sluggish movement, and temporary loss of control over one’s body in extreme cases. Prolonged consumption of Freakleaf tea results in blindness and risk of phantasmarrhoea, due to the Alucinara content in the leaves.

# Religious Significance

Freakleaf tea is religiously significant to many Minikin groups, being consumed in rituals by the Móra riSéwi and Morellic Minikin.

The hallucinations, while mostly non-intrusive, are seen as invisible objects and beings made visible by the deities upon consumption of the tea. These hallucinations are interpreted by spiritual leaders as having hidden meaning, and are used in rituals as ways to telling the future and / or receiving spiritual guidance.