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Last updated Mar 13, 2024

%% What are the significant features which make this relevant to the plot? What patterns are there when it comes to description and properties? What does it look like, what is its relevance, and what is it used for? %%

# Overview

Mundozoa is the term for the paraphyletic group of all animals native to the essent realms that genetically originate from the fauna of the 0th realm.

As per their paraphyly, they are not a group with common ancestry in the traditional sense. All mundozoans are descended from the first animal, but not all animals are mundozoans.

# Origin

The mundozoans have their origin mainly in the Supernova. This supernova led to the mass-essential shift of matter into the essent realms; including living matter.

# Morphology

Due to the high levels of alucinara energy in the shockwave, some morphological changes took place upon the event of the supernova. Some of these include;